Decal Size Guide

Wondering what size decal fits on your car window, Yeti, laptop, and more? Read below to find the perfect decal size for you!

Car window


This will depend on which part of the window you choose. A good fit for the corner of your rear windshield is 4″-7″. If you’re going with the center of the top or bottom of your windshield, larger sizes from 6″-10″ look great!



What about that fun little bonus side window that some cars have? 3″-5″ decals are usually a good fit!



On the inside next to the touchpad is the perfect spot for a monogram! 3″-5″ decals are a good choice for this spot. On the outside, 4″-6″ decals fit great in the corner and 5″- 8″ decals are perfect for the center.



For the perfect fit, choose a 3″-5″ decal to personalize your planners and notebooks.



We wish we had more space on the back of our phones for pretty decals *sigh*. If the design you choose is taller than it is wide, you can choose a 3″ decal. If your design is wider than it is tall, a 2″ decal will do!

Yeti Cup


We love the look of a stand tall giraffe decal¬†on a Yeti Rambler! 3″-4″ decals fit nicely.

Yeti Cooler


Ahh, Yetis, the holy grail of coolers. Interlocking monograms are the perfect way to personalize yours! Cooler sizes vary, so read below for the best decal size for your specific model:

Roadie 20: 7″-10″

Tundra (all sizes): 7″-12″

Tank (all sizes): 7″-12″

Cornhole Boards


Decals are the easiest and best-looking way to personalize your cornhole boards! 10″-12″ decals look great in the center of your boards.

Remember to tag us in a photo of your decals! We may repost them and you’ll definitely get a thank you discount from us! @sdcustomdecals