How To Apply A Decal


If you’re reading this, your decal just came in the mail (YAY!) and you CAN’T WAIT to put it on and show it off! Follow the steps in this video on how to apply a vinyl decal and you’ll be all set:

How to apply a decal

Materials needed:

Glass cleaner

Squeegee (gift cards work great)

Paper towel

1.) Clean the surface with glass cleaner and dry with a paper towel

2.) Before peeling the decal, squeegee over it to ensure that it sticks to the clear transfer tape layer

3.) Slowly peel the clear transfer tape layer from the top corner. If the decal is not sticking to this layer, replace it and go back to step 2

4.) Carefully position the decal where you want it

5.) Gently press down one side of the decal, using your squeegee to evenly press down the remaining portion

6.) Squeegee thoroughly, then peel away the transfer tape. If the decal is not sticking to the surface, replace the transfer tape layer and re-squeegee


Enjoy! ❤️